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  • It is the customary way to recognize death and its finality. Funerals are recognized rituals for the living to show respect for the dead and to help survivors begin the grief process.

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  • Why have a funeral?
    • Funerals provide a time and place to commemorate the life of the individual that has died.

    • Funeral help confirm the reality that the loved one has died and assist in the expression of grief.

    What is embalming?
    • Embalming is the process of sanitizing and preserving the body by the use of chemicals.

    Is embalming required by law?
    • Law does not require embalming unless you chose a funeral service that includes a viewing or if final disposition is not made within a prescribed period of time.

    • Embalming would also be required if the body is to be transported across state lines.

    What is a vault?
    • Most Cemeteries require a grave liner or a vault. The burial vault is a structure that is placed underground to hold the casket. It provides protection for the casket and keeps the grave from sinking. It is made of steel reinforced concrete or steel.

    Is funeral planning just for old people?
    • No, by pre-planning your funeral, even young people can relieve their loved one’s emotional stress and financial burdens that may come with an untimely death.