• Cremation is a dignified new tradition that offers all the choices of a traditional burial. You may have a viewing or visitation, memorial service, full mass or service at your church, a graveside service and burial after cremation.

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  • There are several options available for cremation. Certain services require charges that may be required by law or by the type of services selected. The more services selected the more the charges increase.

    (1) Direct Cremation • This option includes removal of the remains, placing the body in a cremation container, transportation to the crematory, and preparation of the forms. This does not include any rites or services.

    (2) Memorial Service • This option includes all of the above and also includes a memorial service at the funeral home or a church. The cremains may or may not be present.

    (3) Funeral Service • Followed By Cremation With this option a casket can be purchased or rented for the funeral service. A visitation and or a funeral service can be held at the funeral home or a church with the body present. After the service if you purchase a casket, we will transport the casketed remains to the crematory. If you rent a casket, we will remove the remains from the casket and place them into a cremation container that you purchase. The remains then would be transported to the crematory. This option requires embalming.

    The cremains come back from the crematory in a plastic box suitable for ground burial or inurnment. The cremains can also be placed in an urn for burial or to keep. Urns can be purchased at the funeral home.

    **A casket or cremation container is required by the crematory.

    **Cremation itself is not final disposition. Disposition, may be in the form of burial, inurnment, or kept by a family member.

    **Additional charges that may be incurred are: certified copies of the death certificate, newspaper notices, flowers and cemetery fees.