Death Away From Home

  • Today’s society is very mobile and being familiar on what to do if a death occurs away from your area of residence is very important. Arrangements under these circumstances can be best handled by contacting your funeral director in your local area first.

How We Can Help

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It is our highest priority to accommodate all our families' wishes.

  • Your funeral director will assist you in making all of the arrangements to bring your loved one home as quickly and easily as possible.


    • Carry a card in your wallet indicating the name of the next of kin and the funeral director to be notified in case of death.

    • Pre-arrange your funeral with your local funeral home or funeral home of choice if it is in another location. This way your wishes will be known.

    • If death occurs while traveling outside the United States officials in the foreign country will notify the U.S. Embassy in the country the death occurred. The State Department will work to make arrangements to return the deceased body returned, depending on the country.

    • If a person dies while serving in the Armed Forces, the U.S. Government is in charge of making the arrangements to have the deceased shipped home.