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  • Evans Funeral Home has a commitment to the care of our families and community before, during and following a funeral. It is with that dedicated service that we offer aftercare programs to assist those who mourn the loss of a loved one, and to educate the community about the process of grief.

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It is our highest priority to accommodate all our families' wishes.

  • Among the services we offer are:

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    Bereavement is a state caused by a loss. Grief is the emotions, thoughts and behavior following a loss.


    1. Shock and Denial - We do not accept death until we are emotionally and physically able.

    2. Confusion - This accompanies the reality of death, usually after the funeral occurs. You may feel lost and alone. Eating and sleeping patterns may change and you may have feeling of fatigue and disorientation.

    3. Anxiety and Fear - We may worry how we will be able to mange without our loved one. We may feel panic.

    4. Anger and Depression - Our emotions my range from hate, to blame, resentment, terror, rage, jealousy, anger and depression. By expressing those emotions it instills in us a desire to survive.

    5. Guilt - We have feeling of what we could have done to prevent the death. We may feel regrets over our survival.

    6. Loss and Sadness - This appears long after the death occurs. It may occur during holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and family gatherings. It is not good to suppress these feelings. It may slow grief recovery.

    7. Relief - A feeling of relief may occur, especially after a long illness. Crying and expressing these feelings may be a release.

    8. Acceptance - Once we fully acknowledge the loss we can move forward.


    1. Grief is over in a set amount of time. Each person goes through the steps of grief at their own time.

    2. Expressing Grief is a weakness. By expressing grief we are able to move through the process. Even the strongest of people need to grieve.

    3. If ignored grief will go away. If we ignore grief it will not go away but will only make grief stronger.

    4. Funerals cause grief. The funeral does not cause grief but helps you through the grief process.

    5. A funeral will end grief. The funeral is just the beginning of the grieving process.

    6. Grief has only psychological effects. Grief can cause physical ailment if not allowed to go through the process.

    7. Children should be protected from death and grief. Children should experience death and grief so they learn how to handle the grieving process, also a child’s grief may go unresolved.

    Individual or family grief counseling is available at no charge through Evans Funeral Home's Aftercare Services. We offer this service because Evans Funeral Home always has been and is still committed to providing comfort and care to families following the funeral service. There are many issues that often arise following a loved one's death and we feel it is important for those grieving to have a safe place to work through these issues. We invite you to contact us by phone at (513) 831.3172 or SEND AN EMAIL if you, a friend or family member would benefit from this type of service.


    1. Hospice of Cincinnati - 4310 Cooper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242 (513) 891-7700

    2. American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) 631-7659

    3. Clermont Senior Services - Contact: Linda Tennison (513) 724-1255

    4. Catholic Social Services - Meets at St. John Fisher – Newtown and Good Shepherd Church – Montgomery Contact: Carol Niehaus (513) 793-5823

    5. Vitas Hospice (513) 742-6583

    6. GriefShare Crosspointe Baptist Church (513) 528-1740

    7. Survivors After Suicide - Batavia, OH (513) 752-7040

    8. Fernside: Supporting Children & Families (513) 745-0111


    1. Hospice Foundation of America –

    2. The AARP Grief and Loss Program –

    3. Society of Military Widows –

    4. SOS, Survivors Of Suicide –

    Evans Funeral Home is a grief resource to community schools, churches, and organizations. If you belong to a group and would like a speaker to talk on some of the harder subjects of life such as grief, death and dying, we invite you to contact Brian Wikoff by phone at 513-831-3172 or

    Evans Funeral Home strives to educate the community at large in the area of death and dying so that adults and children are better prepared to handle the death of a loved one. We invite you to contact us if you belong to a group that would benefit from this type of education.

    We also have programs on preplanning funerals.

    We have books and brochures on grief for adults and children including coloring books for children.

    It is an online newletter that you can receive in your email. It is offered free of charge. Click on the link below to sign up for the newsletter.